IFOMPT Webinar: Prof. Louie Puentedura

Pain Science – Hands-on or Hands-off? August – September 2020

Es stehen mehrere Termine bis 02.September zur Auswahl. Registrierung unter IFOMPT Webinar.

Pain Neuroscience Education teaches us that pain comes from the brain, and that pain and injury (tissue damage) are not synonymous. If pain comes from the brain, then why do manual therapy? Doesn’t manual therapy foster dependence upon the provider? Doesn’t it focus on anatomical issues, i.e. the tissues? Can pain neuroscience and manual therapy co-exist? Can manual therapy be a way to give the brain and helping hand?
In this webinar, Dr Puentedura will lead these discussions and provide an evidence-informed rationale for merging manual therapy and pain neuroscience education.
Quelle: IFOMPT